This arrived at my house today, somehow.

.@ONABoston kicks off #mediadiversity panel @wbur w @jeannebrooks @mijohn @zuriberry (at WBUR)

Paths along the salt water marsh on Plum Island (at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Complex)

Not sure this tree is the reason whole neighborhood is without power, but can’t be helping.

Best gift ever - circuit board necklace.

View from the Green Monster, more #Fenway // #sparkcamp (at The Green Monster @ Fenway Park)

Oh you know just a little tour of Fenway. #sparkcamp (at Red Sox-Fenway Park Boston)

Last night’s view of the Charles.
#latergram (at Microsoft New England Research & Development Center)

Highlights from Quantifying Journalism: Data, Metrics and Computation

I attended the Tow Center’s conference on Quantifying Journalism: Data, Metrics and Computation in NYC on the last day of May. Some really interesting research being done around data, measuring journalism, and just trends generally.
So you don’t have to sit through the whole 8 hours of video, I pulled together a couple of things for perusal:
Interesting reports/research:
The Art and Science of Data-Driven Journalism
Algorithmic Accountability Reporting | Reverse Engineering: Practice
Two reports coming out later this year to keep an eye on:
Andy Carvin’s project around misidentification and misinformation around the Boston marathon bombing
(related: A Crash Course in Verification and Misinformation in the Wake of the Boston Bombing)
Susan McGregor on Journalism Security
Here’s her presentation
Recommended reading/resources for teaching Data Visualization
Tow research project Newslynx seeks to measure the impact of Journalism:
Slides from their presentation:
Storify of the event
Full videos of reports
#towtalk on Twitter